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These two abroad universities offers tuition free masters education in Germany for Nigerians and African students




This is a good news for Nigerians and the African students that are seeking for free education abroad those data really looking for fully funded scholarship to engage in studies abroad.

Today I will be revealing to you to German universities that offers fully funded masters degree program without requesting for any penny from students from across Africa.


As we all know Germany is known for East renowned educational system and unique opportunity it offers to both citizens and non-citizens of the country. Now below is two prestigious German universities that offers free education to master students from across Africa environments.

The number one on the list is Humboldt university of Berlin: this particular University is located in the heart of Germany capital humbled university of Berlin is another top tier institution that is offering a broad spectrum of masters programs. This university is known for is rich history and academic prowess. Humboldt University provides a stimulating environment for students from around the world but mostly for Africans to engage in a cutting age research and interdisciplinary studies in their institution.

The sweet part of this is that tuition is free that is the Education over there is totally free. What I’m trying to say is that home but University maintains the tradition of free tuition for a lot of African masters holding their master degree program at the university. The only thing that is expected of a student in this university is nothing but to pay the semester fee which is less than €150 per semester.


Now the question is how do I apply for Humboldt University admission?

The interested students from Nigeria and across all over Africa can explore the masters program and application details on the official website of humboldt University.  As you already know the application process generally includes submitting academic credentials a motivation letter and sometimes proof of language proficiency because before you study in Germany you must prove that you are proficient in the German language at least to B2 level of the German language.

The number two on the list is Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich lMU Munich:

The location of this mentioned University is Munich Bavaria. The offer a wide range of master’s program across different fuels of studies and the sweet part of it is that no tuition fee for most programs that are being offered in Ludwig Maximilian University . Like in the other one that I mentioned before you only have to pay a small amount of semester fee which is not up to €200.

How do I apply for lmu admission?

To apply for Ludwig maximum University admission you have to visit their official website

Also bear in mind that pursuing a master degree abroad requires a lot of finance even though they study is going to be fully funded you are still going to be the one to pay for your flight ticket and as well as do some local processes that we enable you to get visa to study in Germany.

Please if you find this piece of information interesting kindly share to friends and families thank you see you in my order post ahead.

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