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Top 10 German Universities for International Students To Get Easy Visa Processes and High Admission Acceptance  Rates




In order to get  a genuine  visa to study in Germany, this totally depends on alot of factors, including the applicant’s country of origination, the criteria’s of the chosen university’s admission process and the most importantly, specific course of  because you’re not just going to study, but to study a course that will be relevant to the present day society that we all live in.



The truth remains that  there’s no guaranteed “easy” path, but some universities are known for having a higher acceptance rate and a supportive international student office that can assist with visa processing processes. 


Right now I am going to be listing the  ten universities in Germany that are known for being international-student-friendly especially to African citizens:



  1. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU Munich)
  2. Technical University of Munich (TUM)
  3. Heidelberg University
  4. Humboldt University of Berlin
  5. University of Freiburg
  6. University of Göttingen
  7. University of Tübingen
  8. Free University of Berlin
  9. University of Mannheim
  10. Technical University of Berlin


These universities often have well-established programs for international students and robust support systems to help with the visa application process. But, the ease of obtaining a visa also heavily depends on personal circumstances peculiar to an individual and the thoroughness of the application. It is always advisable to check the specific requirements and support services provided by the university’s international office. Be informed that traveling to Germany for studies requires a lot of resources and a significant level of German language proficiency to B2 level. Knowing German language is your first step towards visa grant in any part of  Germany.

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