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What To Pack for a Long Trip: The Ultimate Checklist




When planning for a long trip, it is important to ensure you have everything you may need. Whether you are a college student who has tons of duties before your trip starts, or you are planning a vacation but still have to complete some tasks your boss has set, the planning process may be stressful. If you are searching for help to pack your bag perfectly and get ready for the trip, this article will come in handy.


Do the things you need, whether you want to find a reputable helping service like Custom writings to entrust your college assignments to for the period you will be out or you have to solve some working issues. Take your time! We have completed the list of items you may need for your long-term vacation, so when you are ready to start your packing, just browse our ultimate checklist to make sure you are totally prepared for the trip.

Of course, you may not need all the points presented, but here, you will find the goods you have to pay attention to. Let’s go!



Depending on the season, choose the things you may need and do not take those ones you are sure will be irrelevant.

Undergarments. Make sure you have enough for the whole trip. If you are unsure that there will be a possibility to launder, take the comfortable amount for the whole period.

Socks. Ensure you have a comfortable amount for the whole period of your travel. If you are going to visit a cold country, ensure that you have taken the appropriate goods.

Tops. Mull over what you may need. Shirts, blouses, sweaters? If you are going to travel for several weeks, take a piece for a 5-day period; if you are unsure, there will be a possibility to launder.

Bottoms. Think about what you may need from this category. Pants, shorts, skirts, dresses? Again, if you are traveling to a cold country, ensure you have enough appropriate items.

Sleepwear. Think about what you will wear during your sleep. If you prefer to sleep in a T-shirt, ensure you have an additional item.

Shoes. Depending on the activities, choose the things you may need. If you are going to wail a lot, ensure you have comfortable shoes. Also, if you plan evening entertainment, ensure you have suitable shoes.

Accessories. Will you need belts, scarves, hats, sunglasses? Pack all the needed things depending on the activities you plan.


Personal hygiene items. Do not forget your toothbrush and toothpaste.  

Hair care. Even though you may live in a hotel, and they may provide you with branded goods, mind that these items may not suit your personal demands. Thus, if you are planning a long trip, we recommend you take the regularly used items in order to avoid such issues.

Skincare. If you use any skin care products, do not forget to take them with you. In order not to forget anything important, just a few days before your trip, place all the items you use in one place, and this will help you see what goods are essential for you.

Makeup. There is hardly a girl who can forget about these products, but we better name them.

Medications. If there is some medicine you take regularly, don’t forget to take them with you. Also, consider different health issues you may face, such as fever, headache, vomiting, stomachache, cold, and flu.

First aid kit. Take bandages, antiseptic wipes, and basic medical supplies with you.


Phone and charger. The charger is what many people forget very often.

Laptop or tablet. If you are going to work or study from there, make sure you have everything you may need. Well, these goods can also be used during the entertaining part of your trip.

Camera. Don’t forget your camera to shoot your trip.


We recommend storing all the documents in one place to always have an opportunity to find the needed item.

Identification and visa. Personal documents like ID cards and driver’s licenses should be with you. Also, if you are traveling abroad, do not forget your visa.

Travel tickets. If you have any documents printed, do not forget them. If you have any tickets bought online, we recommend having copies on your phone.

Insurance and emergency contacts. In case any emergency happens, ensure that your insurance is actual and you have it with you. Moreover, we recommend noting down some emergency contacts; as they say, ‘Buyer beware.’


Travel guidebooks or maps. If you have a prepared travel guide with the highlighted destinations to visit, don’t forget it.

Travel pillow and blanket. If you are one of those who need their personal pillows and blankets to have a good sleep outside their homes, ensure you have taken them with you.

Reusable water bottle. If you are a student on a tight budget or simply a person who wants to save some money, take a reusable water bottle with you in order not to buy a new one every day when you are walking.

Snacks. Think about the time needed to get to the place. If this is going to take some time, make sure you have some snacks to eat.

Travel backpack. Think about your comfort during the town walks. A backpack may come in handy to store all the needed goods with you and free your hands.

Entertainment. If you like reading books before sleep, or you plan to dedicate a day of your vacation to watching films, ensure you have everything necessary.

Laundry bag. During your long-time travel, if you do not have a possibility to launder, take a laundry bag with you to keep the dirty clothes separate from the clean ones.

If you are stressed about your long-term trip and worry whether you have packed everything you may need. Rest assured that if you have browsed this list, you are perfectly packed.

Whether you are a college student who decided to have some rest during the holidays or you are planning your vacation, packing should be a pleasant starting point, not a stressful period. Hope our list will help you pack all the essentials and enjoy your trip.

Good luck!

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